Real Life Church Is A Place Where I Feel At Home

How can we learn what it means to really be a Christian and live our lives for Jesus?

Like many others, for about 15 years I had been in and out of church. I was so hungry to know more about Him and to trust Him with everything in my life.

Yet, it wasn’t until 2010 that I really came to know Jesus Christ as the Savior He is. It wasn’t until then that I really came to know Jesus as His gracious, loving, merciful, powerful Self. It wasn’t until then that I knew what it was to love Jesus more than anything and anyone else and be loved by Him. It wasn’t until then that I decided to make Jesus Lord of my life and live my life for Him and only Him.

Find A Church Where You Feel At Home

My family and I moved to Katy, Texas, from Louisiana, a couple of days before Christmas in 2011. We moved to the Cypress area during the summer of 2012.

At this point, we made a commitment to “church shop” that summer with the goal of picking a church to stick with for at least the fall season. We stayed with the previous church we were at due to it being the first church we went to since moving to Texas. It wasn’t really our “home” but just stayed there anyway.

The feeling that something was missing is what lead us to make the commitment to “church shop.”

The Sunday we attended Real Life Church (formerly Willowbrook Church) we all loved it and knew that this was the church for us. The Lord’s Presence was beautiful, but we also knew that we had to stick with our “church shopping” commitment. Once summer ended, everyone in the family was asked which church they would like to attend. Real Life Church was the unanimous choice!

My heart and life were immediately changed the day I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, and Real Life Church has been HUGE in helping to produce the fruit of Jesus and life change in my heart and life!

Growing As A Christian At Real Life Church Through Group Connections

Real Life church felt like home. This was a place with great people I could learn and grow from. I felt God’s presence from the moment I walked in. God’s hand is upon this church. I could feel it in the worship, in the teaching, in the people, and in the atmosphere.

I immediately got plugged into a Connect Group and began serving in our Kid’s Ministry. Being a part of Connect Groups and serving is vital!

We aren’t meant to do life alone. We need to learn and be encouraged by one another. It’s crucial to be an active part of this family, not just a bystander.

Life change began to happen as I got connected and served with other believers. I wasn’t alone anymore. There were others who I knew had my back. I was welcomed into this Real Life Church Family of Jesus immediately.

The more involved I got, the more I began to grow. I learned more and more about Jesus – about His love, about trust, power, and authority; that I really can do all things that He has planned for my life through His strength. I continued to learn about following Him and hearing from Him.

Through getting connected and serving, the Lord has used so many people from this church to help me experience life change. My husband and I have grown in our relationship and togetherness. I have by no means arrived, but I am learning what it means to serve and love my husband as I am called to do.

Also, I have learned to surrender my two boys to the Lord. I know I will make parenting mistakes, but that is okay because God’s grace will fill in the gaps and cover every mistake I make. He works all things out for the good of those that love Him. I have learned about love, forgiveness, and strength. I have learned what real godly friendships should be like and I have godly women who will speak God’s truth into my life.

Giving Back As A Way to Grow In Our Faith

I have had group leaders call things out in me, that I just didn’t see for myself – like me teaching in Kid’s Ministry.

I absolutely love being a part of Kid’s Ministry and knew that this was my place in the church. My heart is to let our kids know all about the love of Jesus and power they have because of Him from a young age, believing and knowing this will equip them for the rest of their lives. I knew I wanted to empower our kiddos, but I just didn’t know how I could do that.

I didn’t see myself as a ‘teacher.’ I thought in order for me to be able to ‘teach’ them I had to be a real teacher, like in math or reading, in a school.

And then, it was spoken over me in one of our Connect Group gatherings how my face lights up when I talk about being with our kids and how I didn’t have to be a math or reading teacher to actually be a teacher and lead our kids to Jesus. Life Changing! I was no longer blind and now I could see. I felt so free!

All I really wanted in life was to serve the Lord wherever He wanted me. It was right there in front of me, I just didn’t see it.

It took being a part of this family and allowing others to see and speak into my life for my eyes to be opened. This is what opened the door and lead me to start leading Bible Study for our kids.

I even teach on Sundays now. This is my passion!

I cannot imagine not doing this! Every fall semester, when groups begin, it is my time of reflection and thankfulness for the groups and leaders in our church.

Sharing Is Caring

Throughout the years God has, time after time, used others in our church to:

  • Grow me closer to Him
  • Rely fully on Him
  • Trust Him with every circumstance in my life

Also, to remind me that:

  • I am not alone, that
  • I can do all things, that
  • I am enough,
  • I am fearless and not fearful
  • I can have total freedom in my life because of Jesus

He has given me power and authority over the enemy.

I have been taught and encouraged on how to do these things and how to live them out. I have been able to pick up the phone and ask for prayer when needed. I know I have been covered in prayer, even without having to ask. I have been given experiences to get in and seek the Lord’s Presence so that I can live out this life change.

I can’t imagine where my life would be without the leading and guidance or our Real Life Church leadership and the friendships I have made!

Throughout my entire life, I have lacked confidence. I have always felt that I was never good enough and would never be enough for anything or anyone.

Friend, hear me when I say, this the biggest lie from the enemy!

This church has given me opportunity after opportunity to grow in my walk with the Lord. The friendships I have made with other ladies have been the support to help me stand when I just couldn’t face another day. Being a part of Real Life Church has paid off with real life change in my life.

I know that I am enough! I also know that I am not called to be good enough; I am just enough! I can do all things, I have hope and confidence, I can be fearless because I serve a mighty powerful God, and  God has given me power and authority over the enemy – I just need to use it! …And on and on and on I can go!

Here at Real Life Church, we are a family who loves God and loves others. If I can encourage you with anything, it is to put yourself out there. Do not be afraid to share your life with others – get connected and choose to do life with us.

You will experience life change, for the better, that only God can bring, but I am so thankful He chooses to do it through us, as a family. The Lord has rescued me, restored me, is renewing me, and He is using Real Life Church as a tool to do so. I never imagined my life would look anything like it does today. But now, I can’t imagine it looking any different. I am so thankful for the Lord and the journey He is bringing me on and for leading me to Real Life Church and the family I have here.

By Casey Herring

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