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Real Life Church Helped Get Through The Darkness

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Being a single mom can sometimes feel like a constant uphill walk.

At one point in my life, all I was praying for was that God would lead me to a church where I could be ministered to as a single mom. Also, I wanted to be in a place where I could learn to worship and praise God.

I grew up with Christian parents and became saved and baptized at a young age. Because of this, church has just been a way of life for me for years. Yet, I didn’t feel like a was growing spiritually. For more than 12 years, I was attending church with my parents but I suddenly realized that my spiritual needs were not being met.

One Sunday, in 2010, my mom asked me if I would join her in visiting Real Life Church. She was unsatisfied with her own church and wanted to make a change. Before, I never felt comfortable during praise and worship and I thought a change could help.

I agreed to visit RLC with my mother and I’ve never visited a church where I felt so much genuine love. People were friendly and right away I found out that the church had a small group for single moms. This was the answer to my prayer.

Real People with Real Problems need a Real God

As time progressed, I started to get more involved by participating in other small groups and eventually started volunteering in media. This allowed me to meet more people outside of my single mom group and start building meaningful relationships.

Three years after joining RLC, I lost my mom. It was the darkest time of my life.

Just making it to church was a challenge because it reminded me that my mom wasn’t there with me. For many months I was only able to make it to volunteer one Sunday of the month. Yet, I was never shunned or “disowned” by the church or its people. I continued to receive love through the people at RLC despite my poor attendance.

Many churches seem to have a lack of genuine people. Most of the times, they just:

  • Show up
  • Put a smile on their faces
  • Act like everything is perfect
  • Go back home to live in pain and face challenges

Yet, they would never share what they are going through.

At RLC, I have met so many people that have been completely open about challenges in their lives, from addictions to unanswered prayers, and I’ve been blessed time and again to hear how God moved in their lives.

The hardships and ugly places of our lives can oftentimes be the very stories we need to tell as a testimony to help others feel accepted and acknowledged. RLC has people with plenty to tell about real problems and a REAL GOD that is moving in their lives.

Real Life Church Is Always There For Me

In 2017, my home flooded after Hurricane Harvey.  The RLC family was there for me, no questions asked,  ready and willing to help.

It was one of the biggest blessings I had received in a while.  I am not sure what I would have done if I had not had their help.

The longer I attend RLC the more it feels like home.  It is a sanctuary, a place of peace and comfort where I feel I can be fed spiritually.  RLC has been instrumental in my realization of needing to mature in the Lord and I am beginning to take steps to grow in my relationship with my Heavenly Father.  I have also grown in my understanding of how to praise and worship.  Another prayer that was answered!

I show up expecting to feel God’s presence and I am never disappointed. I am so thankful for my church and church family.

By Joy Klumpp

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