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October 2018

Find Your Reason to Keep Moving

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Before I attended Real Life Church, I was recovering from losing my dad. I grew up in church but was suffering from anxiety and depression to the extent that it was hard to function. I knew I had to figure life out and had to keep moving, even if “moving” meant my husband had to drag me to church some days.

I wanted to make changes in my life, with the most basic change to simply be “ok” because I didn’t believe I’d ever really be able to be happy again. I wanted to be “ok” enough to be able to put on a happy face (even if fake) for my daughter. I wanted to find a church where she could go and learn about the God that I couldn’t show her. I had been treated poorly by a church in the past so hadn’t attended church for many years.

My First Sunday at RLC

I was apprehensive about attending RLC, but as we arrived that first Sunday, I was greeted by so many happy, smiling faces. I didn’t know what to make of this as I expected a different reaction when they saw me with my tattoos. This was the first church I had been to where my daughter went to her class willingly and didn’t scream.

My entire family became more involved as I put my daughter in MDO, joined a small group and eventually attended Growth Track. While in my small group, it has been amazing to truly know I’m not the only “Christian sinner.” We’re all human, but we’re all forgiven.

Positive changes have occurred in my life as I have become more involved at RLC. Anxiety and depression have become minuscule and my relationship with my husband and daughter have grown exponentially. I feel like my whole life has done a complete turnaround. I’ve gone from needing to stay home on the couch all the time to going out, meeting new people, and making friendships I never thought I’d be able to have.

The Biggest Change

The biggest change is that I no longer check my purse for my anxiety medication before leaving the house (If you would have told me this 2 years ago that I would not have believed you). Laughter is now a daily part of my life where it used to be unheard of.

If someone is going though a similar situation, I want you to know healing is possible. Find your reason to keep moving, even if that reason is you don’t want someone to suffer because of your suffering.

Kaitlyn Enciso